Can I choose which child to sponsor?

We believe that every child, regardless of age, gender or how photogenic they are, has the right to an education. Our assessment process means that every young person we support genuinely needs our help, and we operate a waiting list that ensures a fair system for all. If you would like to start a sponsorship, we will be extremely grateful and will allocate you the next young person on the list; whilst this might mean that you don’t get to choose, it also means you can be sure of making a huge difference to those that need help the most.

How do you know that the sponsorship money is spent how it should be?

When you sponsor a child, you want to know that your money is being spent on ensuring that young person has the support they need. We meet with the families on our scheme at least twice a year, keeping track of what is needed and how the money is being spent. We also collect school reports – to be sent on to the sponsors – which include attendance records, so we can be clear that the young people on our programme are in school.

Can I communicate with the child I am sponsoring?

We hope the Farakunku Foundation will empower young people, and give them opportunities that most of us just take for granted. With that in mind, we keep the charity as far removed as possible from day to day life, deliberately avoiding creating a sense of obligation amongst the young people who receive support. We don’t ask the young people to write to their sponsors, although some do choose to; should the child you are sponsoring want to get in touch then all communications will come via the Farakunku Foundation, as will any response you would like to send. For child protection reasons, our blanket policy is not to provide contact details for the children and we cannot arrange for you to meet the children if you visit The Gambia.

Can I donate more than £60 a year to the child I am sponsoring?

Firstly, thank you so much; only through amazing generosity like this can the Farakunku Foundation make a difference to children and young people in The Gambia. We have set the yearly child sponsorship at £60 because we believe that covers all the essentials; school fees, books, uniform, stationery and school lunches too. In a country where so many families are living in poverty, it’s vital that those we support have their core needs met, but without creating an imbalance within the community. We also have to be careful that families do not become dependent on the support of charities; we passionately believe that access to education is a route to breaking the cycle of poverty, so the last thing we want to do is over-provide and take away the natural desire people have to provide for their own family. If you would like to donate more than £60 a year, we would use the excess funds to help other children get an education and stay healthy and well.


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