The Farakunku Foundation helps children in some of the poorest parts of The Gambia to get an education and stay healthy and well.DSCN3506e.jpg

School education is free in The Gambia, but pupils have to provide many of their own books and stationery; the cost of these essential items, along with the school uniform, fares to get to school and extra tuition is too much for many families and forces their children to drop out of school.

At the Farakunku Foundation, we believe that poverty should never be a barrier to education. We provide support to those families that most need our help, with our sponsorship scheme ensuring students have everything they need for class. And we work within the local community and schools, helping those most in need and ensuring that children and young people have the great start that so many of us take for granted.

With your help, the Farakunku Foundation can be there for young people like Jabou. Jabou’s father died before she was born and her mother was unable to look after her. She moved in with her grandparents and attends the local school, where her favourite subjects are art and maths. She would like to be a police officer when she leaves school.

Devastatingly, her grandfather was killed in an accident at work and the family were struggling to cover the costs of sending Jabou to school. But her grandmother regrets never having had the opportunity to learn to read or write and is desperate to give her granddaughter the opportunities she missed out on. Just five pounds a month will ensure that such dreams are realised for Jabou, and children like her.Exif_JPEG_420